Listed below is an overview of our services. Does your current staffing firm you're using today have this kind of offering?

EBS Current Firm
Pay its consultants twice a month regardless of payment terms between your company and the staffing vendor? Check Mark Question Mark
Have access to unlimited funds? Check Mark Question Mark
Source your requirements within 48 hours of receipt? Check Mark Question Mark
Offer background and drug checks at no cost to you? Check Mark Question Mark
Offer competitive rates which are auditable by your company? Check Mark Question Mark
Provide Skills Assessment Form with each submittal? Check Mark Question Mark
Limit submittals to 2 highly qualified professionals for consideration for each opening? Check Mark Question Mark
Have a hands-on Sr. Management team with 40+ years at VP/IT CIO levels? Provide technical testing of candidates (eSKILL) IT skills Testing, Technical Assessment? Check Mark Question Mark
Maintain a proprietary data base in excess of 150k IT professionals? Check Mark Question Mark
Offer contract payroll services for pass through candidates from non vendors and for re-hired employees for contract services with pre-defined mark-up percentages? Check Mark Question Mark
Have extensive insurance coverage to protect them, you and the consultant? See our Insurance information listed below. Check Mark Question Mark

We carry the following Insurance Coverage:

  • $1 Million General Liability --- Each Occurrence
  • $300,000 damage to any rented property --- Each Occurrence
  • $1 Million personal & ADV Injury
  • $2 Million General Aggregate
  • $10,000 Medical expense
  • $2 Million Products --- Comp OP AGG
  • $1 Million Automobile Insurance Any Auto used for work
  • $3 Million Excess Umbrella Liability --- Each occurrence
  • $1 Million Error and Omissions
  • $1 Million Crime Policy --- Fidelity Bond --- Client Property ++
  • $1 Million Workers Comp --- Bodily Injury by Accident
  • $1 Million Workers Comp --- Injury by Disease --- Policy Limit
  • $1 Million Workers Comp --- Injury by Disease --- Each Occurrence

++ Not normally carried by suppliers/vendors, but critical in the state of the world today. This insurance not only protects us but also your company if a consultant was to be involved in a serious criminal activity on your premises.


Employee Benefits

  • • We offer a contribution towards a health care plan.
  • • We offer a 401k to our W2 employees.


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